June 2016 issue of TD (Talent Development)

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Training reinforcement is not optional, it's mandatory

There are some GREAT articles in the June 2016 edition of TD Magazine (Association for Talent Development)

The one in this post's image is about generating and sustaining the engagement of online learners. Whether you're using an "e-learning" solution, a MOOC, or augmented online learning solutions like,

  • proper administrative assessment (knowledge gaps, etc.), to help curate content and make it more impactful for the learners prior to learning/ training...
  • supplemental vehicles to deliver the content during and after training in bite-sized "micro-learning" chunks at the learners discretion of "when" and "where" they interact...
  • ...are still well needed to make these "great" solutions "exceptional". Training reinforcement is not optional, it's mandatory. We all know that "Repetition" is key, and shortening training has it's limits lest you compromise the impact of learning. So we need a complementary vehicle to serve the "Hors d' oeuvres" of the same content.

Here is another excerpt from TD magazine that drives that point home, and is your "custom branded VIRTUAL game" just waiting for your content and users, and proven to be most engaging by years of A/B testing and development with data from billions of transactions. Keep it simple.

Training reinforcement

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