50% of executives IGNORE this completely

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When building a successful business we (in general) spend a considerable amount of time and money "finding a need and filling it" when it comes to the products and/or services we represent and sell out into the market.

All too often, conversely, we don't spend enough time looking "inward" at the "machine" (operations/ activity) and community of "people" that drive and are the lifeblood of the first initiative.

Professional development and training seem to be a good solution to keep the company healthy and growing, however often times it's merely a "box to check" and stops there. "Yes...we train our people!", is what most of us like to simply say. However, this is even worse than NOT training at all.

It's often unintentional of course, but an estimated 50%+ executives (Primarily in Operations and or Human Resources) ignore the box to be checked, and worse, the SPEND being allocated and wasted on training (time and money) that is ineffective and in some cases inapplicable.

I decided to step away from my Microsoft channel roots of 15 years, to support a Dallas based firm that is nipping this issue in the bud.

I am NOT going to fill this post with "features and benefits", rather I am going to bullet out the high-level areas below that should conclude why it's a no brainer to subscribe, or at the very least, trial, and invite you to do just that.

  • Credibility: I know it's not good practice to "claim your own credibility", so I will leave the final decision to you of course, but with tens of millions of subscriptions, and billions of transactions that derived DATA through hundreds of "A/B tests"....bringing the solution to where it is today, and the credibility for why, is tough to debate. No other solution in our space has this level of credibility, not even close.
  • Time: Even our most complex Client subscriptions took merely a few days to launch (or go-live), so you don't have to worry about this impacting current initiatives. Also, each Enterprise subscription comes with a dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager) to handle even that lifting if virtually "no" time can be allocated. Very simple.
  • Cost: For every (1) employee, it's estimated you're bleeding close to $1000/ year on average (Not spending....losing). Using Trivie to fix that bleed will only cost you $15 - 48 per YEAR (Depending on volume of users). Not a bad ROI already, and we haven't even factored in the increased productivity from increased knowledge retention yet.

We can have your custom branded game, with your users and content, up and running by tomorrow morning. Trial it as a pre and post assessment for your next training. If you don't see stellar retention results, walk away. Very Simple.

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