The "Ah-Ha" moment...

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Most people don't get the "Ah-Ha" moment with Trivie until the second look.

A common issue with an innovation solution. So here is a high-level description to assist:

What it's NOT:

This is one of those solutions that is so leading-edge and "disruptive", such a change to the status-quo of how we learn and retain knowledge, that there isn't an easy way to describe it. Here are the most common examples of what people "think" Trivie is at first, but it's not.

  • It's NOT an eLearning solution, or another training platform (i.e., LMS, MOOC, etc.)
  • It's NOT just a "cute little mobile game" someone thought would be "Cool or Fun" to build

What it came from:

Because Trivie was born from the world of mobile gaming with tens of MILLIONS of games played (as the #4 overall app on the app-store), Trivie was given a very unique perspective into a few key areas of "Learning" and "Memory":

  • How to build an appealing (mobile/ browser based) platform and experience that people will love coming back to repeatedly for a couple minutes at a time
  • Proving the cognitive theory "Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve" is correct! And how to combat it efficiently.
  • How to allow for quick distribution of content with extensive data feedback

What Subscribers say it "is":

So that's why Trivie is described commonly by our customers (i.e., Unilever, American Heart Association, etc.) by the following terms:

  • A digital "flashcard" for making training stick (To the tune of 87.5% more than not using it according to an average of ongoing A/B testing)
  • Fun and engaging "additive" to our training strategy, not meant to "replace" your strategy (although some of our Client's have).
  • A " microscope" into our training content and audience giving us 100% visibility into "who knows what" and "what we should train on". (Can you track today how effective your training is? With actual data, not subjective surveying? Why not?)

But again....sign up for a free trial for your custom branded version, and on the second call we have, you will most likely get that "Ah-ha" moment....

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