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NEW REPORT: Training additive that changed 48.5% knowledge retention into 92.3% in 8 minutes

We can't name the company "yet", but we can say they are a huge Fortune 100 Technology conglomerate that we will refer to in this article as "Company A", but these A/B test results are too amazing to withhold.

We know about the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, and that generally we as humans do NOT RETAIN and average of 80% of what we learn over a TIME of (30 days). We also know that "spaced repetition", little reminding "sparks" given to a learner periodically, can greatly reduce that LOSS. But by exactly how much? And exactly which method, spacing and design works best?

The experiment:

  • Conduct Training as usual: "Company A" conducted an internal 60 min. webinar training for (180) trainees
  • Create Experimental and Control Groups: They divided them into 2 groups, 90 in the "Control Group" (Training the usual way with no reinforcement) and the "Experimental Group" (Training WITH access to Trivie's award winning gamified training assessment and reinforcement solution.)
  • Using Trivie, create and distribute post training content: Company A followed Trivie's best practice guidelines, and in a matter of hours had all users imported, and reinforcement content ready to distribute to the Experimental Group on a "Day 3, Day 5, and Day 10" cadence.
  • Use Trivie's platform and best practices, derived from tens of millions of games played and billions of transactions: The content was distributed in the form of (3) quizzes, 5-10 questions each, with repetition (multiple attempts) encouraged by design.
  • Conduct your post knowledge assessment on both groups: On Day 15, a post training knowledge assessment quiz ("The Final") consisting of 12 questions, designed to ensure competency of the content covered in the 60 minute web training 2 weeks ago was distributed to BOTH Groups.
  • Use Trivie's "Exam Mode": The Final was available for (3) days and set to "Exam Mode" so unlike the "repetition" that is encouraged (pass or fail) in the regular reinforcement quizzes, learners only get 1 shot at the Final.

The Results:

  • Minimal time investment: The Experimental Group averaged a total time investment of just (8 min. and 12 seconds) of game play, per user across the entire 2 weeks, and an average session time of just 2:40 sec. per.
  • Repetition = Retention: The Experimental Group displayed knowledge retention and additional learning across multiple attempts with the reinforcement content.
  • The Experimental Group scored an average of 92.3% on the Final
  • The Control Group scored an average of 48.5% on the Final

The Conclusion:

Just 10-15 minutes of meaningful and gamified spaced repetition each month, you and your trainees can enjoy a significant retention of knowledge:

  • Reducing the frequency of training
  • Reducing the cost of training
  • Increasing Compliance and Safety, thus reducing risk
  • Increasing Productivity

Trivie has clearly perfected the science behind training augmentation, so the only question is, how much knowledge retention do you want from the training you're already spending time and money on?

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