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What happens when you add a TRIVIE to your TRAINING strategy?

I've used the term "additive" in the recent past to describe exactly what Trivie "is".


You see, corporate training (in general) suffers a huge problem. This problem typically is not a direct reflection of the training method, content, administrators, or learners. It exists in a human error called "FORGETTING". We forget stuff. No matter how appealing or engaging it is when we're first introduced to it.

The key is the method and how frequently we can be "reintroduced" to the training content. At first you may think, "ok, so train more often?", but the good news is that the human brain only needs a "spark" or a little "memory hook" if you will to retrieve that memory and sustain.

Trivie believed there was, and developed, a way to combine:

  • Top-tier technologies (SaaS/ Mobile) with
  • Gamification (Most popular type: Trivia) and...
  • Best practices (Derived from Billions of transactions and data-points from our award winning mobile game) to develop the most simple to use, easy to launch, manage and maintain, inexpensive platform that successfully checks the box for Customers on:
    • Quick Pre- training knowledge assessments (before training)
    • True "gamification" or "gamified training" for engagement boosting (during training)
    • Post raining reinforcement to increase knowledge retention by 85-90% (proven)
    • Quick post-knowledge assessments
    • Data insight: Dashboards and Reports on training impact and retention assessments. Insight to training most people simply do not have today.

Adding Trivia to your Training Strategy can be done in minutes, and you will see the results increase on your very next training. And again, the best part is Trivie averages a mere 1-2% of your total training investment, but improves results by 70-90%. (SEE ACTUAL CASE STUDY)

Start your custom branded trial this afternoon (why wouldn't you?)

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