Management System


Over the next few days we will be rolling out the first of three major updates to the new Management System for Trivie for Business. Everything has been improved from the ground up to be faster and easier to use. We think you're going to love it! See a few of the highlights below.

Beautiful new layout and design.

We've introduced a bold new aesthetic that is both visually appealing as well as fast and fun to use. Find what you need quickly and efficiently, and do it with style!

Learn the system as you go.

The Management System will now teach you how to use it as you go. Use the Quick Start page to see what's missing and view helpful tooltips on every page. Tap the question mark (?) icon for even more assistance that's always in context.

Greatly improved importing tools.

Select a template, fill it out, then drag and drop to upload directly on the page. It's that simple

More information and metrics where you need it most.

We know data is important to you, so we've added valuable metrics to the individual User and Assignment profiles. Assignments can even filter down to the User and Question level.

Generate game content quicker.

Courses are no longer necessary, making content creation faster and easier than ever before!

Creating and managing assignments are super easy.

Create new assignments in seconds with a streamlined new interface. Set a name, pick your start and end dates, then a select your groups and content and you are done!

More control over administration.

We’ve refined the available settings to ensure Trivie for Business does everything you need. Toggle features on or off, override default settings, and add your own custom company Policy page or URL.

Upgrade to premium or professional in seconds.

Upgrading from a free trial to paid plan has never been easier, with a simple interface that walks you through every step of the process and provides complete control over your service.

Easily brand your Management System and Game.

Adding custom company branding and identity is now more intuitive. Set your brand color, add a logo, and upload a background graphic (with an immediate, live preview).

Fully updated Help Center.

Not sure how to use these new features? Check out the updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Documentation sections built directly and contextually into the new Management System.

A couple game improvements as well.

New users and users with a reset password will now be prompted to set an easy to remember on login. The home GO! button and Discuss sections will also displays lists of quizzes instead of courses now. Default game music and sound settings can now be controlled from the Management System.

A few other things of note.

There will be no loss of data or content when you receive the update. IE9 is no longer supported, however support for Microsoft Edge has been added. The locked/unlocked and ordering of quizzes will be unavailable temporarily. Questions about the new update? We're here to help.

If you experience any issues try logging out, refreshing your browser, and logging back in. Otherwise, please contact your Trivie representative.


Author: Admin