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Scenario: You have a training scheduled, and after it's over you can "check the box" on providing professional development and training for your people, right?

And as expected, you've spent time diligently: Get your employees engaged now!

  • Assessing the knowledge gaps of your staff
  • Ensuring the training content was curated and tailored accordingly
  • Came up with a post training plan, to provide what all humans need, "spaced repetition" that is also engaging so the content sinks in
  • Set up your dashboards and reports so you can track the utilization and performance as well as interact and communicate real-time.

Wait, you hadn't? Why not?

Most of us simply don't think to, or are not capable of such diligence in training our staff because of substandard technology and/ or band-width. gives you a simple solution to ALL of the above.

Now, here is a list of common excuses (Not to activate Trivie) with their retorts for you to consider:

  1. It costs too much, and we just don't have the budget
    • It's only $10-15 per employee per year (Think how much you're already spending on ineffective training per employee per year)
  2. We don't have the time to evaluate
    • There are free trials available and video (we keep things simple)
  3. It's too complex to set up and manage
    • Most Clients are up and running in a day, and have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist (when/ if needed) ....and most of our Clients rarely/ if ever need us! We offer an intuitive self-service platform , that's very simple to access, use, and manage.
  4. It's really just not a priority at this time
    • According to recent studies by ATD (Association of Talent Development), we spend an average of $1229.00/ per year/ per employee on learning. Ebbinghaus curve proves we only retain 15-20% of what we learn without more engaging spaced repetition. If losing $.80 to the $1 in any area of business isn't a priority, then what is?
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